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Change into wallet, Asset into bank

Asset Protection

One-click assets protection layer

On-chain ZK Password

Secure password protocol

Smart Contract Wallet

Next-generation account abstraction(ERC 4337)

What we are building

Security of protocols


Claim your private bank and start protecting your crypto assets

  • check_circleCompromised privatekey with well kept password, assets safe
  • check_circleCompromised password with well kept privatekey, assets safe

ZKSAFE Password

A protocol level security. Support all EVM Dapp.

  • check_circleNon custody based, and solid on-chain service
  • check_circleWith the power of zero-knowledge proof, hide your password in plain sight



90% of crypto users have no hardware wallet, multi-signing, nor any safety measures. This gives hackers the opportunity to steal users' private keys. At ZKSAFE, we are trying to find a solution even if your private key is leaked, your assets will still be in your own hands.

Will be only in your mind unless you choose not to. ZKSAFE Password only knows how to verify if the proof of knowing the password is sound.

Absolutely yes. ZKSAFE builds you a smart contract. You're the only owner of the contract. It's running as long as the ETH network runs. No one can control it except you, the owner.

ZKSAFE is positioned as a secure companion for your existing wallet. It can be used with all types of wallets. Compared to other security products, ZKSAFE is similar to Gnosis Safe. Gnosis Safe uses at least 2 wallets as multi-signing, whereas our users remember their passwords.

Private key sharding divides a private key into pieces(shards). It is distributed among multiple servers. It is supposed to be safer than storing it in a single server. ZKSAFE does not store private keys nor passwords. It has no server, and with no contract privileges. It is a protocol-level product. The major difference is the protocol level, which means ZKSAFE can be seamlessly integrated with any project, just like DEFI Lego. For private key sharding you can't switch between wallets. For example, if you register your MPC wallet on platform A , you will need to register on Platform B if you want to use Platform B MPC Wallet. Two platforms will not trust each other. While the Ethereum has already solved this trust issue, ZKSAFE will build on top of it.